Vic Mensa debuts the video for his controversial track "16 Shots."

The Chicago MC debuted the song back in February at a Justice For Flint event. The single wound up on his EP, There's A Lot Going On, which dropped in June.

The track is a strong indictment of the police department. Dedicated to Laquan McDonald, a Chicago teen who was shot 16 times by police in Oct. 2014, Mensa pulls no punches and goes hard after cops with lines like, “We on 16th riding by the police station/I make a pork rind out a pig, bro/Somebody tell these muthafucka’s get there hands off me, I ain’t a muthafuckin’ slave get the chains off me.”

The video for the song is even more striking. In the clip, Mensa raps while wearing a jacket that reads "Resist."

He continues to rap as he approaches a group of police who give him a brutal beat down. He rises from the thumping and continues to talk tough. They eventually shoot him down in cold blood. He rises and continues, only to be shot down two more times. The video concludes with footage and a description of McDonald's final moments.

Vic has been very vocal on social issues. We recently chopped it up with the former XXL Freshman who opened up about a meeting he had with Louis Farrakhan. “Farrakhan was just giving game,” Mensa said. “Just laying out why a lot of things are the way that they are. How we can challenge them. You know, he was talking about slipping these messages into music.”

Watch the "16 Shots" video, above.

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