For artists like Tyler, The Creator, they can keep their fans happy without constantly putting out new music. For Tyler, he's found time to take a partial break from music to work on clothes, short films and just recently, a new show on Viceland. Today, he revealed a music video for a new song "Who Dat Boy" featuring A$AP Rocky.

As we reported last week, Tyler started a mysterious countdown on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Many believed that Tyler would release a new project altogether then they thought that the trailer for his new show Nuts and Bolts was the special announcement. To everyone's surprise, he dropped a new video, or rather a short, twisted film, with a little help from Rocky. Tyler assumes his Wolf Haley director title in the video, which tells the unfortunate and demented story of man and his experiment that went terribly wrong.

It opens with a slow zoom in on Tyler, as he works on something electric gear. It explodes right in his face, leaving half of it terribly scarred. He stumbles his way over to a doctor's house conveniently down the street and gets a skin graft courtesy of Rocky. With his new face, which is now white, he seems to live happily ever after with a new, white son. While one can sit around and draw out intricate, long-winded explanations for the video's meaning, it's also just as likely that Tyler wanted to see people's reactions to such a shocking image.

The production, which sounds like something Tyler may have made himself, adds a feeling of suspense to the song making the video more like a horror film.

You can watch the video for "Who Dat Boy" below.

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