Tyler, The Creator is getting his own internet TV Channel. Santa Monica based media company, Whalerock Industries, is taking entertainment to a whole new level. Back in 2011, television host Glen Beck left Fox News to start his own subscription-based Internet channel, creating the cut-out-the-middleman model of television. Four years later, Whalerock has created similar deals for a number of celebrities, including Tyler (some other big names are the Kardashian sisters and Howard Stern). "I'm creating my own MTV or my own Cartoon Network," said Tyler in his sitdown with Whalerock founder Lloyd Braun. "It's basically my brain, in one place," he added.

The channels will also offer a mixture of original licensed content. The channel will arive sometime in the next couple of months and will be available via the web and mobile app. Viewers can expect to see videos, music, photos, merchandise, and more "premium content" in the channel offerings, Braun explained to the New York Times. His ultimate goal for the media company is to shift power and profit away from traditional companies and toward the actual talent.

"I would rather be a guinea pig than spend my career rearranging the chairs on the Titanic," said Tyler's manager Christian Clancy regarding the deal. "The problem for artists like Tyler is that once they get done paying all of these middlemen, they're not left with much."

Tyler getting his own network is probably one of the best things ever. If this channel is anything like Adult Swims' Loiter Squad with the whole OFWGKTA crew, then it should be dope. Check out his recent documentary, Wolf in the meantime. Tyler had some fantastic television appearances this year. He was on the The Eric Andre Show last month and met his “father.” The energetic MC also lent his voice for a special episode of Black Dynamite that focused on police brutality.