Over the weekend, a video of Tyga being forcefully removed from Floyd Mayweather's Los Angeles birthday party surfaced on the internet, and the reason for his removal was unclear. However, according to a new report from TMZ on Tuesday (Feb. 26), the altercation stemmed from T-Raww's run-in with some men he'd previously leased a Maybach from and they subsequently repossessed it.

According to the celebrity news site, Tyga had fallen behind on his $6,000 per month payments for the car, resulting in the whip being repossessed last month. When he ran into the men at the party that night, the rapper reportedly went off because he felt that the car was wrongfully taken. The site uses the words "unlawfully repossessed," so it remains unclear whether Tyga felt that the payments were up to date and there was no legal right to take the vehicle, or if he felt they took it from him in an illegal way.

The reported argument ended up being so heated that at one point, Tyga reached for his bodyguard's gun, but luckily no one was injured. TMZ reports that all parties have since made up, and while that puts the incident in the past for Tyga, Soulja Boy has found this instance to be a fitting one to use in their ongoing beef.

Earlier this week, Soulja roasted the California native for getting thrown out of Mayweather's party. Around that same time, Tyga threw a shot at Soulja as he freestyled over Blueface's "Thotiana." A day later, Soulja continued the feud by dissing Tyga on the same beat.

Watch the video of Tyga being removed from the party below.

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