Tyga continues to rack up massive legal bills. Just a week after news leaked that the rapper owes two different California landlords a combined $100,000, Tyga is being sued by a Las Vegas promoter for a breach of contract and it could cost him another $100,000. According to a report from TMZ,  Tyga was booked by Z Entertainment to perform last summer at the Body English club for $25,000 and had a clause in his contract that stated he couldn't perform anywhere else in Sin City a week prior to the concert and in the month following. Z Entertainment says that Tyga hopped on stage at another Vegas venue the night before his scheduled performance at Body English. This is apparently the second time Tyga has broken contract with this promotion company. Last November, the rapper failed to show up at a gig booked by Z Entertainment in Santa Monica. The promoter is looking for $100,000 in damages.

Perhaps Tyga's latest business venture will help him foot a few of his impending lawyer fees. The rapper recently launched the Kingin' World Tour app that allows players to compete against one another solo or in group settings with cash prizes on the line. "Tyga's music and industry influence offered us an exceptional opportunity to reach our core audience, " said Jarrod Epps, the CEO of Cashplay, the company responsible for the development of the app. "This title is an exciting first release of a string of games featuring influential sports and entertainment stars who we have signed to our eSports game label."

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