Tyga was a guest on Hollywood Today Live on Wednesday (Aug. 3) and was awfully coy when asked directly if he proposed to Kylie Jenner. The Kardashian sister has been rocking an enormous diamond on her ring finger as of late, causing many to wonder if the on-again off-again couple are tying the knot. Despite word that Tyga and Kylie had split for good, there has been reason to believe that their situation is less permanent, as he said last month that the Kardashian sister had come back to him, and the Cali rapper was spotted leaving a jewelry store with a bag in tow.

In the clip above, Tyga dodges and deflects any questions about an engagement, saying he doesn't know if it's happened or not and "We gotta see....I don’t wanna give it away." The notion shared by the hosts is that the reveal will be saved for an on-air moment.

Back in January, Tyga was a guest on Khloe Kardashian's dinner party show Kocktails with Khloe and admitted that he intends to marry Kylie saying, "Yeah for sure...Yeah, ya’ll know that. Y’all know what it is” with a big grin on as he answered the question. Similarly, Tyga is in full cheese mode up above adding to the suspicion that he did in fact put a ring on it. Watch Tyga skirt the line of questioning above, while below, Kylie isn't making much of an effort to conceal her new really big rock.

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