Tyga is making sure to broaden the spectrum of his career in the entertainment industry, as the rapper is moving back to the small screen in 2018. The California native and Biggie's son C.J. Wallace have signed on to star in MTV's Scream show as series regulars.

The new season will air as a three-night event in March of next year. While last season was produced in New Orleans, this upcoming season will be heading to Atlanta, and have an entirely new cast, location and premise. The season will feature the story of Deion Elliot, a local star running back who has a haunting past that comes to light at the worst time. Tyga is slated to play the role of Elliot's step-brother Jamal, who has a completely different perspective of the world than his younger sibling.

C.J. Wallace, on the other hand, will be playing Amir, a good kid who has strict parents that want him to lead a clean-cut lifestyle as he goes through high school. He eventually becomes the unexpected target of a killer and finds his world completely changing following the incident.

When it comes to music, Tyga has been going hard this year, and most recently released his "Eyes Closed" video for fans.

MTV is set to announce more casting details in the future, but for now, we can look forward to seeing Tyga and C.J. Wallace hit TV next year.

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