YG and DJ Mustard nearly broke the Internet when their personal problems boiled over into Instagram today (Dec. 29). Mustard appeared frustrated over not being compensated for YG's highly acclaimed debut album, My Krazy Life, and chose IG as the platform to air it all out. Although the post, which read, “Stop asking me about the YG sh*t!!! I don’t know about none of it on top of that I still ain’t got payed for his album! So I don’t gives a f*ck," was quickly removed from Mustard's page, YG caught wind of it and issued a response. The two continued to go at it, ending with plans to fight each other.

Being that DJ Mustard and YG pretty much owned 2014 with their classic West Coast sound constantly in rotation on the airwaves, it certainly sadden the public to know that the mastermind collaboration may be going their separate ways. Of course, Twitter had lots to say regarding the whole ordeal. Check out fans' reactions to the YG & DJ Mustard beef.