Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh was tragically shot and killed this past March outside Street Execs studios at the age of 28. A few months later, Bankroll's alleged killer No Plug said in a video interview that he shot the rapper in self-defense. “He came out playing with the [gun],” No Plug asserted. “He fired a shot and shit happened. We pulled off, he end up dead. That’s simple as shit was. Like he pulled the gun, shot the motherfucker, couple shots got fired back, he got hit, I leave."

All of that leads to the above video of No Plug and 21 Savage on stage, having a laugh, what some on Twitter interpreted as making light of Fresh's death. The audio isn't clear, but 21 can be seen leaning in to tell No Plug something, the two grinning afterward. Some online have interpreted the video as 21 telling No Plug to take responsibility for Bankroll's death and announce it so. A gallery of reactions to the video is included up above.

Police filed no charges against No Plug. According to Plug, the video of the shooting proved that he was telling the truth about the incident. He also blames the people surrounding Bankroll Fresh for the late rapper’s death. He believes they were encouraging Fresh to confront him. For more statements from No Plug, watch the aforementioned video, with he and 21 Savage onstage below.

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