eBay is the largest online auction site with thousands of items being bought and sold on a daily basis. It's when the rare items goes up for auction, that people begin talking.

Recently, the contract for the late Tupac Shakur to appear in the 1992 film Juice popped up on the eBay marketplace.

The contract is currently listed for $6,500 as a Buy It Now auction with potential buyers being allowed to submit offers for this one of a kind piece of elusive Tupac memorabilia. This particular contract is special for its connection to Shakur, who was shot and killed back in 1996. Having his signature on the document only adds to the value of the memorabilia.

The contract is brief and includes some interesting facts such as the role of “Q or Bishop” could have gone to Shakur. Omar Epps would go on to play Quincy “Q” Powell and Shakur would infamously play the gun-happy Roland Bishop. Also compensation for Shakur’s role would be “$1647.80 per ‘studio week’ for no less than seven (7) weeks”. For those with doubt of its authenticity, the auction also comes with a certificate of authenticity from Startifacts.

The film has become a cult classic over the years. It shows the versatility that Shakur had as not only a hip-hop artist, but as a legit actor.

As of Tuesday evening (Feb. 21), the auction has 23 hours left and there have been no offers for the contract.—Nicholas Sella