Sometimes, to stay involved in your passion, you'll need resilience. Tru Life, the Manhattan rapper who first came to prominence in the early to mid 2000s thanks to his gritty raps and authenticity, had to serve jail time. This came right when his career was beginning to truly pick up. Now free, he's right back to it as a member of the Freebandz team, dropping his project Walking On Water, which also includes the Future-assisted song "Baddie." Today (Nov. 30), he releases the video to his single "Yan Yah."

According to Tru Life himself, the video was inspired by pride for his hometown. "I wanted to put on for NYC and let the city know we out here sounding how NYC supposed to," he shared. On the song, he raps about the finer things in life and they show up in the video, from Ferraris to designer threads.

The song's hook is catchy. "Choppa screaming like an opera nigga yan yah/Middle finger to an oppa nigga yan yah," he raps. "Bitches pop it open out the yan yah/Blowing money out the yan yah, yan yah yan yah." Once he gets to his verse, he keeps it real, as only he can. "Spray choppas, in the 'Rarri with the loud pipes/All my hittas, bendin walls, more than two stripes/No fiction, all I ever talk is true life." Of course, a clever shoutout to himself.

Even with Walking On Water and new videos, Tru Life has more work on the way. He plans to let another project free early next year, so keep an eye out for his next couple of moves. Watch the "Yan Yah video" below.

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