Troy Ave has avoided a murder charge for his role in the shooting that occurred at New York City's Irving Plaza in May. TMZ obtained legal documents regarding the recent indictment of the Brooklyn rapper that revealed he has been charged with one count of second degree attempted murder and four counts of criminal possession of weapon.

Earlier this month, Troy Ave's charges had been sealed so lawyers said it was not clear what he had been indicted for by the grand jury. There were reports that the rapper, whose real name is Roland Collins, may be charged with murder following the results of a ballistic report. The suggestion obviously turned out to be false as the ballistics of the gun Troy Ave was seen firing on video did not match those that killed his bodyguard and fellow BSB member Ronald "Banga" McPhatter.

"Nothing in this indictment is a surprise or new," Troy Ave's lawyer Scott Leemon said to XXL in a statement today (June 20). "It’s the same wrong story that NYPD has been trying to portray. The video does not show everything nor explain what happened in the VIP room before Troy came running out, as a victim, after he was shot."

Troy Ave's next court appearance is scheduled to take place on Wednesday morning (June 22). Scott Leemon told XXL that he and his client intend to request bail at the hearing as Troy is not a flight risk.

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