Troy Ave recently claimed he was being extorted for a sex tape. The Brooklyn rapper said some of the footage was going to be used for a music video, and he wasn't lying. Troy drops the NSFW video for his aptly named song "Sex Tape," which features him getting down sexually with an unknown woman.

The visual lends credence to Troy's tale of how a thief attempted to extort him using the footage. The BSB leader said he would not pay up and did not care if the film leaked.

"Some low ass home alone Christmas thief stole a laptop that had footage of me and a chick, I was gon' use all the parts that wasn't that X rated 4 a music video," he wrote. "But now they got all unedited parts And now I'm pose to be gettin finessed out my racks ... i try to lure him out but the fuk nigga stayin in the shadows , so allegedly at 3 o'clock he pose to be going live so lemme jus tell him I Don't give a Fuck dawg, I will Not be extorted."

The rhymer made the best of situation here, but he can't seem to catch a break. The rapper, who is currently out on bail for his role in a shooting at Irving Plaza, was also shot twice on Christmas Day (Dec. 25). Troy was reportedly struck in the arm while another bullet grazed his head.

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