It seems like every other day there's controversy surrounding Troy Ave, and this time, it's because of his own words. The Brooklyn rapper recently sat down with The Breakfast Club at Power 105.1, where he spoke on a slew of topics. He got candid about the 2016 Irving Plaza shooting that resulted in his arrest and his friend Banga being killed, as well as being shot on Christmas Day last year while sitting in his car in his neighborhood. The MC also spoke on the falling out with both his former manager Hovain and his former artist Young Lito.

While clarifying that he was originally friends with his former manager, at the 4-and-a-half-minute mark, Troy mentioned, "I stayed down. I stayed loyal. I could have been jumped out on a high power manager. Many of them came through like, 'I wanna manage Troy Ave.' Most niggas would have been like, 'Peace out!'"

Six minutes into the interview, the MC states why he fell out with Hovain and Lito following the Irving Plaza shooting. He explained, "I know, and anybody that know or watch with real eyes, they know that niggas didn't stand tall. If you asked them what happened when shit popped off, I know everybody was [asking them], 'Yo, where you was at? Ave was by himself.' And that ain't a question that you should have to ask nobody."

He continued to elaborate on breaking business ties with Hovain, saying, "Once your eyes open, you start realizing all types of shit. Oh shit, this is the shit I overlooked because that's my dog, and I wanted to overlook it."

While going back and forth with DJ Envy, Ave made sure to reiterate, "He wasn't there."

The New Yorker also went into detail about feeling betrayed by Lito, who was signed to Troy's BSB Records. He stated, "I mean, I'm on a whole different type of time. I did a lot for niggas, man. I did a lot, and niggas owe me more than that. I shouldn't have been fighting for my life for two minutes and 40 seconds. That's all the shit that you don't see. It's cool to be scared. It's cool to run, but after you scared and you run, you better gather your bearings and come back. It's like the mother protecting her child when shots go off. That mother don't want to get shot, but she's gonna protect her child because her child is there. When I fuck with somebody, I genuinely fuck with them, and I have love for people like that. I'm willing to risk it all. I'll go out for mines."

Troy went on to compare himself to the late Tupac Shakur: "I go in the mothafuckin' clubs and niggas goin' crazy. 'Oh shit, that's Troy Ave, nigga it's the second coming of 2Pac, it's NewPac.'"

Charlamagne asked Ave what he can do to avoid going out like `Pac, who was shot and killed in Las Vegas in 1996, to which the rapper replied he will "Take precautions."

Lito has responded to the interview on Twitter, writing, "This guy is a movie" before asking "How we leave u for dead when we drove u to the hospital." Lito also claimed Troy only bailed Banga out of jail because Banga was asking other rapper's for the money and it didn't look good for Troy.

Watch the entire interview below, and after that catch Lito's tweets.

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