Troy Ave stirred up a lot of controversy during his Breakfast Club interview last week, and many are still giving him the side eye for his comments calling himself "NuPac." The Brooklyn rapper is taking the comparison to Tupac to the next level, by announcing last week that he is naming his next album after the title.

The New York native just released part one of his Making of Nupac vlog, where he details why he decided to go with the controversial name. Explaining himself in the voiceover commentary, Troy states that he wants to make it clear he's "not trying to be no other man." It also features DJ Envy's words from the Breakfast Club interview where he explains where the comparison could come from being that they've both been shot by enemies. The MC goes on to hit the studio, where he sits down to elaborate even more, saying the album name is "about paying homage" and claims that it will have "that feel" to it.

In part two of the vlog series, which was directed by Jamal Hill, Troy shares a preview of the new music he is cooking up in the studio for the project. The end of the video reiterates his points made in the last vlog, stating, "I didn't say I'm the new `Pac. I said the feeling is on like some Tupac shit. The Nupac... this is what people is saying to me."

Peep parts one and two of Troy Ave's The Making of Nupac vlog series below to hear some new music off of the project.

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