Troy Ave donned a white collared tee, black pants and Jordan flip-fops as he was wheeled into court in a wheelchair today (June 22) to plead not guilty to attempted murder in the second degree and three counts of criminal possession in the second degree in regards to the shooting at Irving Plaza in New York City last month.

His lawyers, Scott Leemon and John Stella, had informal discussions about bail with District Attorney Christine Keenan and Assistant District Attorney Bryan Connor, but Troy's lawyers say the D.A. needs additional financial paperwork before moving forward with any official proposal. Keenan made a point to emphasize that the charges against Troy are in regards to the balcony shooting that was caught on camera, not the incident in the green room.

The bail hearing has been set for July 1. Additional motions by the defense team are to be filed by July 14, and the prosecution has until Aug. 4 to respond.

Outside the courthouse, Stella explained why Troy deserved bail. "He has no criminal record. This is his first significant scrape like this in a long life, and ultimately he suffered a gunshot wound. There was a struggle that happened in that V.I.P. green room. There’s still a lot of doubt about what happened in that room," said Stella. According to Scott Leemon, the only issue under law regarding Troy's bail is whether or not he's a flight risk, but "everyone knows who he is, we’re gonna know where he is, [and] we’ve offered to turn in his passport," says Leemon.

In addition, Stella revealed that Troy Ave, born Roland Collins, actually suffered gunshot wounds to both legs. The bullet in his left leg was lodged and required surgery, but the bullet in his right leg entered the leg and exited the right thigh in an upward trajectory. According to Stella, that indicates a struggle occurred on the floor of the green room and since the bullet was aimed upward, Troy couldn't have shot himself at that angle.

His lawyers say Troy is confident, but not exactly recovering from the gunshot wound as well as hoped because he's incarcerated. They also stressed that anyone who knows anything about what happened should email them at "We know you don’t to work with NYPD. Work with us," said Leemon. "We’re trying to free a man who’s wrongly accused and we’re asking for the public’s help."

This is Troy's first appearance in public since he was arrested for the shooting on May 26. In a mixtape released weeks after the incident, Troy addressed the shooting, saying, "Pussy nigga tried to assassinate me / I took the gun from 'em and turned the tables 'round like a G."

Troy's mother, father and siblings were in attendance today, and as he was wheeled back out of the courtroom, the Brooklyn rapper looked at them, nodded and raised a fist. Then he was gone.

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