Troy Ave continues to pump work off his December 2017 mixtape White Christmas 5. Most recently, he delivered the new visual for the track "Married to the Game."

V Tape Ken is behind the camera on this one, which finds the Brooklyn rapper posted up in the trap with two women in bridal attire. But there's no conventional wedding going on here. The rapper's assistants are steadily preparing and packaging work while Dope Boy Troy delivers his lines about being knee-deep in the dope game. "Married to the game/Brought my diamond rings out/Cookin' cocaine, trappin' at a bang house," he rhymes on the chorus. "Niggas movin' strange, saw 'em pull their things out/I don't play with fuck niggas, we gon' have a bang out/Married to the game."

Later on, Troy and his brides turn up inside of a limo with pulsating multi-color lights. "Dope boy Troy got hisself, got it rock/Makin' moves in shoes with the matching $100 socks," he spits. "Gucci Lucci's what I got, hatas don't want me with guac they want me stopped they want me dropped/But I did see the top."

This is the third video we've gotten from Troy off the WC5 release with the other two being "Downfall" and the controversial "2 Legit 2 Quit" which kicked off a whole fire-storm about whether or not Troy testified against Taxstone.

Watch Troy Ave's "Married to the Game" video below.

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