It's not often we get to see Trina get angry, but a new rant shows her going off on jealous women in Miami. The "Damn" MC posts an Instagram Live feed, where she rants at other ladies who are allegedly jealous of her, which may reportedly have something to do with the upcoming series, Love & Hip Hop Miami.

Fans are speculating that the video may be partially taking aim at KimBRocsMics, who is rumored to be part of the cast on the VH1 series, as Trina says they've been "plotting to get on TV." Not only does the female MC call the ladies "bum ass hoes," but she even mentions them not being at any toy drive to give toys away to children in need.

“I see you bum ass bitches around, i don’t speak on you bitches," Trina rants. "I don’t give a fuck about you hoes. I’m too busy getting money. Fuck you talkin’ about? Too busy planning for Trina Day next year. Since I don’t give back–give back that, hoe! Did you ever give at a toy drive? I ain’t ever see you at a muthafuckin’ hospital giving toys to the kids, bitch!”

There's still no confirmation as to who Trina is going off on, but her rant is definitely hitting hard with social media users, who are still trying to dissect who she's aiming at. Some think it's a video Khia made talking about how Trina should have owned up to being a stripper like Cardi B did. You can see that clip below, as well as the viral Trina vid.

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