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2001Slip-N-SLide Records
2001Slip-N-SLide Records

1997: Miami rapper Trick Daddy made his bolstering introduction into hip-hop with his debut album Based on a True Story on July 29, 1997.

Before 1997, the Liberty City upstart gained regional attention for a guest verse on another Miami rapper's track. Trick Daddy's verse on Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew's "Scarred" was praised by local music lovers and club promoters. He gained so much recognition, he got signed off the track.

Going by the moniker Trick Daddy Dollars at the time, the young buck's Warlock Records release ushered in a new sound from Miami-Dade. Trick Daddy's gritty, raunchy and real lyrics took fans on a journey through his hood. Propelled by the single "Gone with Your Bad Self" featuring Verb and featuring plenty of guest verses from Trick Daddy's cohort Buddy Roe, Based on a True Story allowed Trick Daddy to establish his name in his area and gain hometown hero status. Based on a True Story is the only LP in Trick Daddy's discography to not have the word 'thug' in the title.

Now, seven albums and 21 years later, Trick Daddy is a Miami Dade spokesman for all things dirty, funky and cool.

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