Travis Scott's custom-edition boxes of Reese's Puffs were apparently a hot item.

Reese's Puffs says that, after going on sale Tuesday morning (June 25), the whole inventory of Scott's Reese's Puffs boxes sold out nearly immediately.

"UPDATE All boxes sold out in 30 seconds!," Reese's Puffs' official Twitter tweeted on Tuesday. "Missed your shot? Follow @trvisXX + @ReesesPuffs for more to come"

La Flame teamed up with General Mills for a limited-edition release, designing the packaging for his custom Reese's Puffs boxes and selling them for $50 a unit. The design was created by Travis himself and it features a cactus behind the bowl of cereal and lightning in the background with hand-drawn clouds and stars on the front. The back featured a map of the now-defunct Astroworld theme park in Houston that Travis named his third studio album and supporting world tour after, along with the words, "Wish you were here."

The rapper launched with a pop-up shop in Paris, where he was in town for Paris Fashion Week, while simultaneously putting the cereal up for sale online. The "more to come" portion of Reese's tweet seems to allude that another drop will happen, so it looks like fans will just have to remain patient for more information—or shell out what's likely to be some big bucks on a resale site.

You can view the tweet from Reese's for yourself below.

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