Travis Scott found himself in a little bit of trouble after he was arrested following his show at the Walmart Amphitheater in Rogers, Ark. last Saturday (May 13). The rapper was charged with inciting a riot, disorderly conduct and endangering the welfare of a minor. Now he's apparently pled not guilty to all of those misdemeanor charges.

The folks at Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported the news earlier today (May 19). Roger police say Travis "encouraged people to rush the stage" at the Walmart Amphitheater last week. A police officer, a security guard and a few others were injured at the show. Travis' lawyer, Drew Ledbetter, disagrees with the claim—or at least, anyone who would suggest Travis meant to cause any harm.

"Travis Scott had no criminal intent," said Ledbetter, who's waived Travis' appearance at a court date set for June 1. "He only intended to put on a good show."

On the bright side, Travis performed his song "Goosebumps" a whopping 14 times in a row, causing people to claim he broke world records for the feat but there's no confirmation on that yet. Crazy stuff. It's things like that that give you a window into how one of his concerts could go wrong if just a few things get out of hand.

See the video of Travis performing "Goosebumps" for yourself below.

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