Summer is on the way, and Travis Scott may be looking to repeat his seasonal reign, following up last year's "Antidote" with another anthemic hit, or better yet, a full project of them. While spinning in Chicago's club Paris last month, Scott played a song titled “Pick Up the Phone,” which featured Young Thug and Quavo. On the track, Quavo raps “Birds in the trap sing McKnight / Percocet and Codeine please don’t take my life.”

In a new video posted to Vine today (May 17), Scott drops that same line, saying, "The name of my new album after Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight is now called Astroworld." It appears that as he did with Days Before Rodeo, La Flame is planning to drop a mixtape before his album, and is building around that Quavo line. Word is still out as to what the mixtape and/or album will contain or if "Pick Up the Phone" will be on either, but it's clear that Travis has a road map in mind.

Around the same time that Travis first played "Pick Up the Phone," Mike Dean let “Grande Faucon” loose, with Scott writing on Twitter, “This actually the intro to my album.” The artwork for the track shows a bird perched on what looks to be an image of many other birds synthesized together. Travis clearly has some themes at play here, and in that way, a bit of a parallel can be drawn from his last major release. Peep the video above in which he announces both projects and stay on the lookout for a big drop in the near future.

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