Tory Lanez addresses the viral #MomoChallenge that is plaguing young kid's web-surfing experience. Last night (Feb. 27), the Canadian rapper, who's the proud father of one son,  hit up his 3.8 million Instagram followers to inform his fans with children about the ominous trend that finds a mysterious hacker named Momo infiltrating gaming platforms and other media to give children harmful instructions.

"First of all, I don't even make these kinds of videos," began Lanez, who previously made a song calling for 21 Savage's release from ICE custody. "I don't be talking about what you need to be aware of. I don't be doing that but this one. I'm a father. I've got a son and to anybody out there that's got some kids or got kids that be on the Internet and YouTube, they got this thing called the #MomoChallenge. That shit gave me the chills. Not because I'm scared of it, but because of what it is for the kids."

The #MoMoChallenge first began getting serious attention in July 2018 when a user named MoMo targeted young children on WhatsApp and told them to text a phone number that would send them a series of dangerous tasks that sometimes included suicide. Over the past year, trolls have reportedly edited popular children's videos to include a virtual representation of Momo, which appears as a woman's face on a bird's body.

The #MomoChallenge resurfaced last Saturday (Feb. 23) when the Police Service of Northern Ireland posted a warning to their Facebook account about the videos. Now, Tory Lanez is calling on YouTube to help remove the challenge from their platform.

"#MomoChallenge KEEP YALL KIDS AWAY FROM THIS SHIT !!! MONITOR THE VIDEOS THEY WATCHING ON YOUTUBE .. LIL KIDS KLLING EACHOTHER AND ALL TYPE OF SHIT ... @youtube y’all need to FIX THIS SHIT !" Lanez said in his Instagram caption for the aforementioned IG video.

Check out a video of Tory Lanez full warning against the #MomoChallenge below.

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