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They say clothes make the man. In the case of hip-hop, the chain makes the crew. The blind sine of a crew's signature pendant can help brand your label and give aspiring artists something to strive for. A beautiful chain can be the signature of your crew's success and make you the envy of the streets. Sometimes nothing can mean more for your credibility as being seen in the diamond glitter of a crew's trademark chain.

Over the years, hip-hop crews have produced some extremely memorable pieces for their artists to sport in public. Who could forget the golden simplicity of the Roc-A-Fella chain or the sheer functionality of the G-Unit Spinner?  In an effort to salute the best, XXL has decided to rank the top 15 crew chains of all-time today.

In the words of unhip grandmothers' everywhere: "Bling, bling."

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