Celebrity boxing matches have become more popular than ever recently, with several entertainers in the YouTube space, former NBA players and pop stars trying their hand at throwing hands. Now it looks like 2021 XXL Freshmen Toosii and Freshman 10th spot winner DDG may be squaring up in the ring.

The ball got rolling on the possible match-up on Friday (June 18), when Toosii posted the tweet, "i need a boxing match set up."

DDG noticed the tweet reposted on an Instagram blog and decided to put his hat in the ring. "Did somebody say box?" he questioned.

It appears Toosii is game to rumble with the Michigan rhymer. "Let's set it up," Toosii replied.

PontiacDDG via Instagram
PontiacDDG via Instagram

It is unclear if Toosii has any boxing experience. Or if he is just hype off his recent musical performance at Shakur Stevenson and Jeremiah Nakathila's junior lightweight championship boxing match in Las Vegas, Nevada. DDG, on the other hand, recently put on an impressive performance in an amateur boxing match against TikTok star Nate Wyatt on June 12. DDG won by unanimous decision and thoroughly dominated Wyatt in the ring. Toosii may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Toosii and DDG have previously experienced some internet beef, which seems to have been brought on by DDG questioning Toosii about DDG's former girlfriend, Rubi Rose. Seems as though DDG contacted Toosii last October, asking him "What tip Rubi on?" Toosii did not appreciate DDG contacting him about a woman. Toosii has a girlfriend and claimed he never spoke to Rubi.

Rap fans have been teased with boxing matches from some of their favorite artists in the past, but they mostly end up never happening. Most notably, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown were supposed to be fighting in a boxing match that eventually fell through in 2017. Soulja Boy was also supposed to fight Jake Paul in 2019, but after hyping up the match for months, it never came to fruition. It will be interesting to see if this actually goes down.

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