For Tony Yayo, loyalty is everything. The G-Unit soldier has been down with 50 Cent since 1997, and he held out the longest before falling out with the Big Homie in February of this year. But now that the Unit is back together, Yayo is in a reflective mood with his brothers by his side. As with 50 Cent, Young Buck and Lloyd Banks earlier this week, Tony Yayo sat down with XXL for a video interview during the photo shoot for the cover of the latest issue of XXL Magazine, directed by Kellen Dengler and edited by Riley Dengler. Yayo spoke about the early days of G-Unit, his arrest right before Get Rich Or Die Tryin' dropped and the magic of first hearing yourself on the radio, as well as what it's like to be back in the studio with G-Unit. A free Yayo is a happy Yayo.

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