Token is becoming one of the most prolific young talents on the rise in hip-hop, and he's making sure he doesn't forget those that helped him reach this point. The Salem, Mass. rapper releases the music video for his "Still Believe in Heroes" record, which features him paying homage to his mother.

The 19-year-old MC dives deep into his relationship with his mom in the Ben Proulx and Token-directed video, which highlights some of her internal struggles that he witnessed during his childhood. While dealing with his own issues, Token reenacts some heartfelt moments of his mother comforting him in his youth. He then reveals how the tables are turning, forcing him to step up and be the comfort for her now that he is older and she faces some of her own turmoil.

Back in December last year, XXL spoke with Token, where he gave us some insight on him as an MC. He listed his influences, which includes Tupac, Eminem and more veteran names.

"The first thing I grew up listening to is 2Pac, he’s my number one. Ludacris and Eminem were my favorites [too]," he stated."I started writing music when I was 6—it wasn’t even music at that point it was just poetry then it found its form in rap when I was 10. I started recording music when I was 10. Since I was 6, I turned to [rap]; it made me feel better when I would write shit that was going on in my life."

Watch Token's music video for his "Still Believe in Heroes" record to see him pay tribute to his mom below.

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