On this day, May 6, in hip-hop history...

1996: On May, 6, 1996, Kool Keith released his first studio album under the moniker Dr. Octagon titled Dr. Octagonecologyst.

Shortly after the Ultramagnetic MCs released its third album The Four Horsemen in 1993, Keith began recording solo tracks as the character Dr. Octagon, a murderous time-travelling gynecologist from Jupiter. Eventually, Kool Keith enlisted West Coast underground acts producer Dan the Automator and DJ QBert for the album's production. Singles from the album include "Earth People," "Blue Flowers," and "No Awareness (Lyrical Hydraulics)."

Although the LP failed to reach mainstream charts upon its release, Dr. Octagonecologyst was critically acclaimed, with Chairman Mao calling the album "a Zappa-esque commitment to decadence" in his review for Rolling Stone. Since then, the LP has been hailed as one of the '90s best hip-hop albums, and is even credited with revitalizing underground hip-hop in that era.