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Rap-A-Lot Records
Rap-A-Lot Records

1991: Years before Diddy told you that "he won’t stop", Houston, Texas’ Geto Boys were already establishing their steady movement when they dropped their third studio album, We Can't Be Stopped in 1991.

Fueled by the classic single, “Mind Playing Tricks on Me,” Willie D., Bushwick Bill and Scarface took CEO J. Prince’s local Rap-A-Lot to the national spotlight. We Can't Be Stopped is the most successful Geto Boys' album, in terms of album sales. The LP peaked at number 24 on the Billboard 200 and was ceritified Platinum by February 1992.

The raw energy on We Can't Be Stopped is abundant. Each song is never wasted and addresses some issue that is prominent to a member of the group. The album is laced with violent profane lyrics that paint a vivid picture of how it was to grow up in Houston rough neighborhood, the 5th Ward. It's a reminder of what happens in impoverished neighborhoods that are often forgotten and it's inhabitants are left for dead. "Fuck a War," "I'm Not a Gentleman," "Punk Bitch Game," and "Trophy" all tackle a gripe or topic that affects a member of Geto Boys. The cover of We Can't Be Stopped shows member Bushwick Bill in the hospital after he was was shot in the eye as he and his girlfriend got into a fight.

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