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Johnny Nunez, Getty Images
Johnny Nunez, Getty Images

2003: Diplomats member Freekey Zekey gets shot during an attempted robbery. He later told the story in a classic Smack DVD clip, which you can watch below.

"Grabbin' my chain, tellin' me I want my chain," remembers Zekey in the video. "I said no. You can't have it. Spun the little nigga up in a full nelson, everybody's blazing at me. Four niggas shootin'. That's four different types of guns shootin' at me and my niggas. None of us got guns. I'm maneuvering through bullets. It might sound crazy, but guess what? Them stupid niggas shot me up in the place where they had surveillance cameras, so y'all probably see that on camera and understand what I'm talking about.

"If y'all do read the newspaper, you see me reaching and grabbing for the gun my damn self," he continues. "You know what I was doing? I was keeping it funky, man. And that's what Diplomats do."

Later on he clarifies how amazing it is that he's still alive: "They found 44 shells on that floor and I'm still here."

He goes on to show off the gunshot wound in his abdomen, which is still somewhat open at the time of the interview. Needless to say he was certified once people saw this clip, especially after he talks about getting hit by a car after and how he "ain't ask for the car to be on me like that."

Unfortunately, one of the members of Freekey's entourage was killed during the ambush. Dipset was known to keep it real in the streets, but this story cemented their reputation.

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