Dipset's Pledge of Allegiance tour is in full swing and while everyone anticipates the next Dipset project, the Harlem crew feeds our hunger with the "Have My Money" video. Shot in black and white, the clip opens with Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Cam'ron on Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex show discussing (and, of course, promoting) their upcoming tour and reunion. After that, the camera pans to the trio (plus Freekey Zekey) counting cash surrounded by beautiful women while they rhyme for the camera. It's a far cry from the street-influenced "Dipset Anthem" clip from the early 2000's, but "Have My Money" shows a grown-up Dipset with the founding members looking like they are enjoying each others company for the first time in a long time. The good spirited video is a promising step in the right direction to more new music from the legendary crew. Check the clip above.

Dipset shook things up to ring in the New Year with "Have My Money" and XXL chopped it up with Vinny Idol, the song's producer, about the track and upcoming Dipset projects. "I didn’t see any plans for an album; they were talking mixtape at first but now Funk Flex got a part of it," said Idol. "Now I believe Dipset is doing an album, their album is coming out. If this is their first single or just a song off a mixtape, I still don’t know. I do know that “Have My Money” will be available on iTunes."

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