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Saturday Night Live via YouTube
Saturday Night Live via YouTube

2016: Drake gave that whole Saturday Night Live host thing another try—and killed it.

Taking the stage at New York City's famed Rockefeller Plaza for the second time, Drizzy used a well-honed sense of humor, surprisingly precise comedic timing and a willingness to laugh at himself to make this articular episode of SNL a 6ix God showcase.

Kicking things off the right way, Drizzy began the night by poking fun at himself always being the butt of everyone's online jokes. Merging both his comedic chops with a solid crooning voice, the then-29-year-old sang a song dedicated to navigating life as meme-fodder—and it was hilarious. He also makes time to deliver a Rihanna imitation as he flipped roles and sang her part of their hit 2016 single, "Work."

Drake, who famously held a starring role on Degrassi before becoming a rap star, continued playing on the idea of his perceived hyper-sensitivity and pettiness just a bit later on. In the skit, titled "Drake's Beef," Aubrey plays himself as he visits he takes a prepares to jump into some SNL action. The only problem is, Drizzy can't take a joke, indifference, or really, much of anything. Each time a cast member like Aidy Bryant or Leslie Jones offends Drake in some way, we're taken to a cut scene where Drizzy performs a cast member-targeting variation of his famous Meek Mill diss, "Back to Back." Pretty priceless stuff.

Drizzy didn't stop at playing himself, though. In another skit, he's an oddball contestant on a fictional show by the name of Black Jeopardy. From there, Drizzy took the stage to perform tracks ("One Dance," "Hype") from his then-recently released latest Views LP.

Check out some of the more memorable bits of Drizzy's second time hosting SNL for yourself below.

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