On this day, March 9, in hip-hop history...

1999: A rapper from one of the strongest labels of the '90s continues to break out.

Building his reputation through features on various No Limit releases and his RIAA-certified platinum debut album Life or Death, it was time for C-Murder to drop a follow-up. In comes his second album, Bossalinie. The lengthy offering clocked in at 28 tracks, and featured appearances from his No Limit label-mates Master P, Snoop Dogg, Mac, Fiend, and more.

The album's lead single, "Like A Jungle," was a hit, charting as high as No. 10 on the US Top/Hip Hop Singles & Tracks chart. Produced by his brother Master P, C-Murder raps about the streets of New Orleans, his hometown. "Random deaths on the block, young nigga packin Glocks/Picture me a TRU nigga, visualizing fools dying quicker," he spits. "Murder murder's in the heart of every killer/Take a look into his eyes, it's evidence of a homicide." The hook also references Grandmaster Flash's "The Message," a hip-hop classic.

Bossalinie debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 in March 1999, selling 175,611 in the first week. The album soon went gold, and charted for 11 weeks. With the help of the aforementioned "Like a Jungle" and the Snoop-assisted "Gangsta Walk" as singles, C-Murder's popularity only rose in an era full of talented and commercially-viable southern rappers.

The No Limit tank keeps on rolling.

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