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Dej Jam
Dej Jam

2012:  It’s been six years since Nas dropped his tenth studio album, Life is Good. Arguably one of his better works in years, Life is Good reminded us just who Nasty Nas was. With many of the tracks on the album having been produced by No I.D and Salaam Remi, the album was widely accepted and had four singles bumping on the radio.

Prior to the album’s release, Nas’ private life was made rather public. Between his split with Kelis and his daughter’s pictures floating around the web, Nas was going through his share of ups and downs.  Life is Good became his opportunity to put it all in pen. By the time the project dropped, Nas fans and the rest of the world were given insight into his life, making room for the album to be a success.

Written for his daughter, Destiny Jones, “Daughters” reflected on a father’s love and had us thinking about the way we bring up our girls. With Heavy D, Salaam Remi, and Da Internz behind the track, the production on “The Don” reminded you of the Nasir Jones from the ‘90s and bumped like it was.  As for “Bye Baby,” we were taken through Nas and Kelis’ entire relationship, and perhaps even hoped they would reconcile.  That hope was put to rest in “Cherry Wine” featuring vocals by the late Amy Winehouse, as we heard Nas searching for his perfect lady.

The world already knows that Nasir Jones is one of the greats, but every project the greats put out isn’t always a hit. Life is Good, however, is one that hit the mark. —Aicha Forbes-Diaby

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