On this day, Nov. 13, in hip-hop history...

2001: Ghostface Killah's third disc in his impressive discography, Bulletproof Wallets, was an attempt for the Staten Island MC to find balance between the free-associative insanity of Supreme Clientele and a play for the more commercial-friendly confines of radio. While it never quite finds the mainstream appeal that Ghost was looking for, Bulletproof Wallets is remarkable record that remains slept-on in the 12 years since its release.

While the record was plagued with sample clearance issues that prevented mixtape favorites, "The Watch," "The Sun" and "Good Times," from making the album, Ghost's lyricism, penchant for detailed narrative and off-kilter creativity is full on display. Ghostface raps in full technicolor glory on such as "Strawberry" and "Maxine" while "The Forest" and "Theodore" feel like a killer mix of psychedelia and R&B. While Bulletproof Wallets is considered a commercial flop - Ghostface himself admits the album went "wood" on his next album - it remains a vital listen for Ghostface fans and one of the most underrated albums of the early 2000s.

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