Justin Timberlake raised some eyebrows when he performed "Drink You Away" on the CMA's earlier this month and it's got the folks over at TMZ wondering if the singer is making a musical shift. Timbaland, JT's long go-to producer chatted with TMZ yesterday, and said that the two have country in their roots.

"We are country," he said over video chat. "He's from Tennessee, I'm from Virginia. It's only right that we try to tap into what we was raised in. We was raised in the country. That's who we are. We love love songs, we heard our parents sing them, the old country songs. But now it's a new generation of country. 'Drink You Away' was done on The 20/20 Experience. It's now one of the biggest songs. But we always wanted to do country music. We thought some of our lyrics were country."

When pressed to say whether or not he's creating new country music, Tim said, "I gotta break that genre. I gotta tap into country, I'm already posted up in Nashville. I got a little spot in Nashville. That's something I want to do. Cause I am music, so I don't discriminate no genres. I learn it and I study it and I love it."

But does that mean more Timberlake country tunes?

"Now that you put it out there," Timbaland said with a smile, "why not?"