Brooklyn rapper Thutmose is making noise, and with his lyrical aptitude and presumptuous demeanor, it's hard not to hear him. The self-proclaimed Man on Fire released his solo debut of the same name in 2018, and has since been on a mission to be held in the same regards as his idols.

In his freestyle for XXL, Thutmose flexes his superior rapping chops before showcasing his range. "I'm Ronald McDonald, Mclovin' your girl in 3D/It's only right 'cause I'm an MC with a big D/Don't compare with me no rapper rockin' braids/Thutmose, I'm tailor-made/Got change and never changed, yeah," he spits.

Immediately after, the "Romeo Is Dead" rapper shares the inspiration behind his Man on Fire cover and name-drops his favorite MC in the process, rapping, "Lit myself on fire just to prove a point/'Cause I started in the back, now I'm livin' in the front/Last night I had a dream, Kendrick said I am the one/So I went and grabbed my guns/Head shots for everyone."

Towards the end of his session, Thutmose shows off his melodic side by sing-rapping his breakout single "Ride With Me."

The Nigerian-born spitter is fresh in the game, but his bars and work ethic has already garnered the attention of seasoned vets. In the past year, Thutmose has been in the studio with the legendary Scott Storch and even got a chance to perform with him on a helicopter pad in Los Angeles. "It was last-minute but it was amazing," he relays to XXL.

"We have a song on my project called 'For the Night,'" Thutmose continues. "So I got to get in with him, create a few songs and then the opportunity came. He had a documentary about his life and I was the only artist to perform in that so I was like, special."

Thutmose is currently on tour with 2017 XXL Freshman Madeintyo and is steady focusing on new music.

Watch his freestyle up top and stay tuned for more in 2019.

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