When it comes to his rap name, Thouxanbanfauni has heard and seen it all. The mispronunciations and the misspellings have been coming in strong since the Chattanooga, Tenn.-born, Atlanta-raised artist hit the ground running with "Rihanna Wrist" back in 2015. With a moniker that includes 15 letters and seven vowels, rap fans are bound to get something wrong, which is why Fauni is here to kick off XXL's What's My Name? series.

First off, there are a few ways you should never say Fauni's name. "This is not how you say my name," the 24-year-old born Taajwar Latimore begins. "It's not Funny. It sounds a lot like funny but it's not Funny. It's Fauni. Thouxin. Thouxan. No in, like xin. Thouxbane. I'm not Thouxbane. I'm not Lil Thouxbane, none of that. Oh, and of course, Thouxanband, no D at the end. Thousandband$, that's not how you say it. Thoux, that's not how you say it even though like for short, I understand."

This hip-hop lesson in pronunciation also comes with the true story of how Thouxanbanfauni got the rap name attached to projects like Heavy Weight Champ, The Exfiles, The Lost Files and his forthcoming effort, Requiem, which features the banger "Wide Awake." On the come up, Fauni experienced a life-changing moment that almost had him near death's door.

"Thouxan, I got that because my homie had some prescriptions," he shares. "He was skateboarding, broke his arm, had prescriptions. At his spot, chillin', kickin' shit. Went to the studio, niggas was on some whole other shit, ya feel me? I had a headache. Really I wanted to take some mufuckin' Advil. This nigga had some in his backpack, but he mixed all his shit with his prescriptions. So I just took a ton of them bitches... Don't do that! I lived through it though, through an OD, ya feel me? It's crazy. I shouldn't even be here, but I'm here. I'm in this bitch!" A true survivor's mentality.

Watch above as Thouxanbanfauni also puts you on to the goat associated with his name, the money moves he's making and more in XXL's What's My Name?

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