Things got pretty heated outside the venue for Yams Day in New York City this year. One of our favorite upcoming Atlanta rappers Thouxanbanfauni rolled up as one of many performers for the night, but when security didn't let him in, he started to get rowdy. That's when NYPD stepped in and threw the cuffs on him. You can watch that footage above.

Soon after that, he posted a video from his jail cell showing himself cuffed to the bars. You can see that below. He was released early Friday morning (Jan. 20).

Yams Day was pure madness, as a bunch of artists who were supposed to perform were reportedly left standing outside. Joey Bada$$ was among the people apparently left stranded, as was A-Trak.

Fauni just released his Heavy Weight Champ mixtape the other day, and his partner in crime Uno The Activist is also gearing up to release his new mixtape Live.Shyne.Die soon. Catch Fauni's latest video "Wish the Worst" in case you missed it.

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