A few weeks ago, They. released their debut album Nu Religion: Hyena. Now, the talented duo is back with a new video for one of the LP’s standout cuts titled “What You Want.” Dante Jones and Drew Love team up with Psycho Films for a very creative visual.

"'What You Want' is an energetic song and we wanted to do a video that has a funhouse vibe to it," Jones explained. "I always loved the old school Hanna-Barbera cartoons from back in the day, and I was glad we were able to recreate those signature doorway scenes with some dope video trick."

The constant motion pairs up well with the vibe of the track. Jones and Love’s chemistry is apparent on the record, which sees them trading bars on second verse.

“You the one that gon' act like you don't know who we are/We the only niggas in here who could buy the bar/Throw them ass and titties, they gon' get you very far/Knock them out the park, you got the juice like Barry Bonds/Lord, you got them blessings, girl, you know just who you are/You could get it better, bring it back, I swear to God/We can make a movie, girl, and you could be the star/Fly you out the country just to hit that ass abroad,” Jones and Love deliver in a back and forth fashion.

Fans will have the opportunity to see They. perform “What You Want” on the Nu Religion tour. Check out all of the tour dates here and watch the duo’s new video below.

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