They. race through the streets, hang with a wolf, and sing in the foggy night in the music video for their Nü Religion: Hyena track, "Deep End." You can watch it below.

The members of the group, Drew and Dante, are illuminated throughout the visual by the headlights of the car. The visual is psychedelic and trippy, and might leave some wondering if there is a problem with their internet connection. "Swimming so deep in your water/Vision blurry, vision blurry," Drew sings as the video distorts, pixelates and obscures the viewer's vision.

One of the main influences for They. is a legendary Virginia producer who has helped shepherd the career of countless R&B and pop stars. In a March XXL interview, They. described what it is like receiving advice from Timbaland. “He was really like a big uncle,” Drew says. “He was just really cool. It was more just watching him, watching him work and watching how he interacted with everybody else. He just came like, ‘Y’all shit is tight, y’all shit is really cool.’ He gave Dante the freedom as opposed to sitting there with dante, like, ‘Yo, do this, do this.’ He let Dante do his thing and was like, ‘Yo, this is tight,’ and added stuff at the end and kinda gave him pointers from there as opposed to overpowering and overshadowing.”

When we talked to They. last year, the group's producer, Dante, described the group's aspirations. “If I could say there’s one artist trajectory-wise," says Dante, "obviously they had a short run but, Nirvana, because when they came out there was bubbling up of the sound but it wasn’t necessarily there yet. It was like this generational shift of like this what everybody listens to. And then this new band out of nowhere comes and knocks Michael Jackson off the charts and replaces him at No. 1. It’s kind of represented the new generation and the youth. So that’s what I think, ideally, that’s whom I want to emulate impact-wise.”

If you're interested in hearing more from the group, they dropped a new song in June. The Lido-produced track is titled "Not Enough," and sees the R&B duo being inspired by New Jack Swing.

Watch the video for "Deep End" below.

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