With the 20th anniversary of his death taking place tomorrow (March 9), it's only right The Notorious B.I.G. get a proper celebration.

There are so many different things people can say about Biggie Smalls but the one thing that can’t be denied is that he was a legend. To honor the late rapper, a three-day art show will pay homage to the legacy that Christopher Wallace left behind. Naoufal Alaoui and fellow street artist Scott Zimmerman arranged to have this tribute honoring the late Bad Boy rapper, and they're also the artists responsible for the huge 38-foot-high mural of Biggie on Bedford Avenue and Quincy Street. That mural has become a staple piece for Brooklyn natives who’ve admired and still continue to praise the deceased MC today.

Local art organization Spread Art NYC is set to host the 20 Big Years event and it kicks off this Fri., March 9, the day Biggie died, and will continue until Sun., March 11. The show will be held at the Bishop Gallery at 916 Bedford Ave. and it will feature a ton of local artists which will include Barron Clairborne. Claiborne is the noted photographer who took the famous picture of Biggie wearing the crown in 1997, three days before Biggie’s death. There will also be a screening at the art show called “Bedford and Quincy,” a screening that captures the early days of Biggie Smalls hanging around the neighborhood with locals friends.

Although the death of B.I.G. hasn't been solved, actors have lined up to grab a part in a new TV show that will air on USA called Unsolved that will take viewers through the investigation. This show will cover both Biggie and Tupac's murder cases.

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