The Game dropped his video for "Pest Control," his Meek Mill diss, just yesterday (Sept. 27), but a new beef may have been born from the shoot, with Game's manager sending words Maino's way later in the day. When footage surfaced of the video shoot last week, Maino was spotted nearby, writing #NotHere beneath each of his Instagram posts.

Now, Game's manager is calling the rapper out for allegedly playing both sides of the beef, wiring, "when they figure out your playing both sides my nigga you gonna be in #IT." Maino wasted no time in responding, explaining some of his posturing during the video shoot. "I felt like niggas in my own Borough was acting like Hoes to be in a video about a beed that ha Nothing to do wit them or Brooklyn," he wrote. "How GANGSTA is typing on Instagram when u know I’m reachable. ..I’m starting to really wonder about u brother. Ur Gangsta antics on social media looking questionable."

The back and forth continued from there, Wack writing "Make sure those boots tied up when we line it up.” To Maino's credit, he doesn't bite at the tough talk, simply saying "I ain't going nowhere" in response to Wack's suggestion they face off. At the root of the tension seems to be Wack's understanding that Maino is delivering two different messages amidst the Game-Meek beef, but Maino maintains that he's been consistent throughout. Read their full exchange below.


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