Now The Game and Sean Kingston are openly arguing on social media after the singer tried to take Meek Mill's side in their beef.

As previously reported, the singer is directly involved in the Game vs Meek issue as the whole situation stems from an incident back in June where Kingston was relieved of his jewelry in an L.A. nightclub. According to Game, Kingston and Meek (who was at the club that night) told police Game's people are the ones who ran Kingston's jewels. And now Game wants to dap up the Philly rapper's face because of it.

Kingston recently to sided with Meek. Posting a video to Instagram, he said, "I aint trying to be in media, no drama, no nothing. Meek, that's my dawg we never had no conversations about nothing." He added, "When [the robbery] happened I kept it moving me and [Meek] left the club as equal. It was nothing. At the end of the day let's dead this shit."

However, Game had a different story. Taking to his IG, he responded "I wonder how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Meek had to make your jelly bean smuggling ass switch up on this Instagram. When you know fucking well that you got your ass robbed in the club, ran for all your fucking jewelry and you aint do shit."

According to Game, Kingston called him to help get his shine back and later told him that Meek told the singer that Game set him up. He also says Kingston and Meek tried to put detectives on Game's trail.

Kingston has clapped back with three more IG videos calling Game all out of his name, admitting that the Compton rapper's people relieved him of his shines and attempting to stunt on Chuck with new shines.

Peep the drama, below.

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