After the release of his EP, You're a Good Sport Zumo Kollie, the Rhode Island MC is quickly becoming a name in the rap game. To accompany the release of the EP, Zumo Kollie is releasing episodes from his documentary, which you can check out the premiere of episode 2 below. Read up on Zumo and watch him live with Ratking in his hometown at Fête on June 13.

Name: Zumo Kollie

Age: 24

Hometown: Providence, RI (a.k.a. PVD or The Ocean Where The Sharks Be)

I grew up listening to: Rap and R&B when I was in the car with my dad because he always wanted to be the cool guy. With my mom, I listened to light rock and pop records in the car because there was too much bass in the rap songs for her.

Most people don't know I: Have a degree in writing. My pen's been sharp since I was 11, but I got the accredited stamp, in case they want to take it there.

My style's been compared to: Method Man, Black Milk and Jay Electronica. I've heard Black Thought also. I think the best rappers come from Detroit and Philly so, when I get those comparisons, I can't be too mad. But, I'm always going to think I sound like me.

My standout records and/or moments To date have been: None, really. Everything about this is fun, but I don't think I'm allowed to define the standout moments. That's for the fans. Music is akin to breathing for me; I would do it regardless. It becomes special when people tell me what they get out of it.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To make my mom proud and give the culture as much as it's giving to me right now. I'm doing interviews because I say words in rhythm...I owe hip-hop a lot for that.

I'm gonna be the next: Rick Rubin. I rap better than most, but I got my eyes and ears set on more than what you hear and see now.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter (@zumokollie)

Standout: "Park Day"

Also check out: "It Was On My Mind"

And: You’re A Good Sport, Zumo Kollie (Episode 1)

Premiere: Watch episode 2 of his documentary, You’re A Good Sport, Zumo Kollie

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