The hip-hop collective out of Queens just signed with Fool’s Gold and are ready to takeover hip-hop. Meet the crew that continues to make noise.

Standout: "96 Knicks"

Also check out: "Company Fair"

And: "Kids From Queens"

Name: Remy Banks, Prince Samo, Nasty Nigel, Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware, Lansky

Age: 23-25

Hometown: Queens, NY (Corona, Jamaica, Forest Hills, Rego Park, Briarwood)

We grew up listening to: Nasty Nigel: Besides your Illmatics and Midnight Marauders, childhood classics. Lansky: Puff Daddy & The Family, Bad Boy era. N: Def Jam 2000 era L: G-Unit Radio. N: Slim Shady LP and Marshall Mathers, Eminem. L: Ghost In The Shell, Styles P. N: Cutmaster C Dipset mixtape. L: Anything Busta before Big Bang Theory. N: Anything Missy Elliot and Timbaland. L: Mos Def, Black On Both Sides. N: Back For The First Time and Word Of Mouth, Ludacris. L: O.C, Word... Life.

Most people don't know we: N: Many people don't know that we all grew up together in our late teens/early adulthood and only after our friendship, we decided to make music together. L: Children of the Night was originally what World's Fair is now.

Our style's been compared to: Prince Samo: The only person that my styles ever been compared to has been Pharoahe Monch. I don't personally see it, but a blog posted my music and made that comparison. Remy Banks: Raekwon....Nas....Puff Daddy.

Our most standout records and/or moments to date have been: R: My most standout record would have to be "GLDCHN." Standout moment, when I helped birth my son on stage. P: y most standout moment would have to be when I was pulled on stage by Jay Electronica and BODIED Webster Hall. YOUTUBE IT!

Our goal in Hip-Hop is: Cody B. Ware: To become successful so that people can complain about the fact that I'm white. Jeff Donna: From the music to the stats, my goal is to be undeniable in every aspect of this craft. I just want to eat, and perform with headset mics, simultaneously.

We're going to be the next: C: Artist that dies of a broken heart. J: Sex symbol. Also an ageless teen heartthrob for many generations. Like a Pharrell Hefner.

To check out more of our music go to: Follow us on Twitter @THEWORLDSFAIR and check out our website.

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