Atlanta resident Translee is on the right track. Back in college, he joined forces with DNC (Digital Nativ3 Culture) and caught the attention of Mr. Collipark, who instantly became impressed by Translee's talent. “He gave me an incredible opportunity to have my voice heard because he saw I wasn’t like other artists. I had a different grasp on reality and the people really connected to it.," he says of Mr. Collipark's guidance.

Now, with his fourth project, Cultur3 Junky, scheduled for this summer, he is set out to prove that The South has another scene ready to bubble out of the underground. “Sometimes I think the South gets a bad rap because it’s so club driven, but everyday ain’t the same, sometimes you want to talk about God, sometimes you want to talk about drugs, sometimes you want to talk about love.” Quality over quantity.

Name: Translee

Age: N/A

Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama

I grew up listening to: From 2Pac to Immature..and anywhere in between. Basically anything my dad was listening to so did I. As I grew older, I really stuck with the southern culture. Artists like T.I. and Lil Wayne influenced alot of my rapping style. I wanted to entertain like them but tell my own story.

Most people don't know I: Eat out alot by myself. Its the most relaxing thing you can do. You can really enjoy the food without having to entertain someone else.

My style's been compared to: Andre 3k / Kendrick Lamar / Big Sean ...these are the most I've seen even though I don't like comparisons.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: "Somebody's Girl" featuring K. Camp has been one of my biggest records to date. The video for this record also reached MTV Jams and Revolt. These are milestones that are big for someone from Huntsville, Alabama.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To represent the culture because I live in it ....but to influence the culture in a positive direction.

I'm gonna be the next: Savior of The South.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter (@translee)

Standout: "Somebody's Girl"

Also check out: "Losers"

And: "C.O.T.N."

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