BX is thriving with new talent. Meet Seth Narley, the purveyor of hood and high fashion, and ready to make some more moves. Don’t worry—there’s plenty more outside of his A$AP Mob and BSB connections.

Standout: "Hood &High Fashion"

Also check out: "Addiction"

And: "Toa$t"

Name: Seth Narley a.k.a. Narley

Age: I landed here 24 years ago in some unlaced constructs at 6 A.M. in a limo. My mom always tells me this story. I was a Yung Playa.

Hometown: Southside, The Bronx, NY a.k.a. the home of hip-hop.

I grew up listening to: Being my that family's from Puerto Rico, early on I grew up on a lot of Spanish music until I moved with my grandmother in The Bronx and was raised by her and my older female cousin. That’s when I got into hip-hop and R&B and was listening to a lot of Hov and Bad Boy. Also artists like R. Kelly and Monica, that’s why if you hear my music you’ll hear those melodic instruments that you hear in R&B in there. And a lot of soul as well.

Most people don't know: I’m a hunnit percent spanish. And I love old school R&B. I’m Jon B to my women.

My style's been compared to: Ma$e meets Kanye West with Stack Bundles wordplay. R.I.P. Stacks!

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: I wouldn’t’ really say I've made my outstanding records yet. But the two that’s gotten the best reception from my supporters and Southsiders around the world would have to be "Bitch Chill" and "Playa Shit" featuring the homie Troy Ave - but this just the beginning. I was also named No. 6 out the Top 12 Acts To Watch this year at the NXNE festival in Canada.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: Just to kill this shit really and still keep my humbleness. At the end of the day, to become a timeless music figure in this game.

I'm gonna be the next: That’s really for the people to decide, and like my man Bari from ASAP says, “Time a tell and haters a go to hell."

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter (@SethNarley)

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