This 22-year-old out of Chicago sees a void in the present day Hip Hop landscape. And that's where he comes in...

Standout: "Team Dope"

Also check out: "Running Away From January"

And: "LOAF"

Name: Rockboy K9

Age: 22

Hometown: Chicago, IL

I grew up listening to: Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, 2pac and Bump J.

Most people don’t know I: Get inspired by listening to R&B, Gospel, and Jazz way more than Hip Hop.

My style has been compared to: Kendrick Lamar, Bj the Chicago Kid, and old Kanye West.

My standout records and moments to date have been: My standout record at the moment is "Cherry Pie". "Cherry Pie" has been a milestone in my career in ways I never expected. The song not only opened up peoples' eyes to who I am as an artist but it made people aware of facts that are very shadowed in the industry today. My standout moment to date is still the first time I recorded with my bro Bj the Chicago Kid. In our first studio session we created some of our greatest records that the world will soon hear. He pushes me to help me be the artist that I am.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To bring back feel good music and inform people about the possibilities that Hip Hop can offer. Hip Hop today shows about 40% of what it has to offer and my goal is to balance it out.

I’m gonna be the next: Outlet that people can go to for real music on all levels.

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