Standout: "Kill Your Idol"

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And: "Reasons"

Name: Deniro Farrar

Age: 23

Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.

I grew up listening to: Tupac, Three Six Mafia, Luther Vandross, Kriss Kross, Lauryn Hill, DMX. Man, the first song I ever learned (word for word) was Kriss Kross and no lie, the dope boys on the block used to pay me to rap the song, word for word. I was four years old. I guess It was hilarious for them to see a little boy spittin' curse words at such an early age. They were like "aye spit that Kriss Kross" and they would pay me money. Haha, good times.

Most people don’t know I: Transferred schools six times in the 9th grade. And all in the first two months. It was an experiment, all because of the girls. I would see the "talent" in one school, holler at what I could and on to the next, haha. My whole extended family lives in Charlotte, so I would just register in with the family member that was in the district I wanted to be in. I guess I really just didnt take getting an education seriously. And honestly like three of those schools were full of ghetto, ratchet ass girls. I couldn't do it. Juicy J would say no to the ratchet pussy at some of these Charlotte schools. But the others had dimes. No lie. Charlotte's got some sexy ass females. Also, I sung in a church choir. I hated that shit. My grandma and my mom made me do it. Because they were so big into church they made me do it. Maybe they thought it would keep me off the streets? I love God, but that was boring as fuck. And pointless.

My style’s been compared to: Tupac. Reincarnated. Sounds ignorant, but it was only when my buzz built up that I got a bunch of people telling me that. And that includes journalists and fans that have listened to hip hop for decades. And no, I didn't seek out that proclamation when I first started rapping. And I have about 100 million people that need to decide if thats the truth, but yeah....I mean people have said Freddie Gibbs, early Cash Money lol...i tune that out. Tupac.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: My first real tape, Destiny.Altered, my collab tape with Shady Blaze Kill or Be Killed, and my project with Blue Sky Black Death Cliff of Death. Also being a SXSW Official Performer in 2012 and 2013 and getting to know Kendrick at SXSW last year. Touring with Wiz Khalifa regionally on his Wake N Bake tour and CMJ this past year. And just getting to work with Big Pooh, G-Side, Main Attrakionz, Boldy James, Emilio Rojas, Lunice, TNGHT, Ryan Hemsworth, Blue Sky Black Death, Nacho Picasso, Shady Blaze, Skywlkr, Nem270, Friendzone, Oswin SM, Keyboard Kid, BK Beats, DK All Day, Spadez, Haleek Maul, Tree, Kira, Silky Johnson, Storm Watkins, David Heartbreak, SL Jones, Lyle Horowitz and so many more. Fuck... I've been blessed...Shit's been crazy

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To be heard by the masses. Like actually make a real impact in this shit. Not a countdown of my gold chains. People will be able to count them in my Instagram pics, Ha! Make enough to bond my little brother out of jail. And to move my family out of the ghetto. Teach at Harvard? I don't know... to do more than what is expected of me.

I’m gonna be the next: Tupac.

To check out more of my music: Follow me on Twitter @DeniroFarrar or check me out on Facebook.

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